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keylogger + Top Best Free Keylogger Software to Monitor Keystrokes in Windows

keylogger + Top Best Free Keylogger Software to Monitor Keystrokes in Windows

Jun 23, 2014

Definition: A keylogger is a hardware device or a software program that records the real time activity of a computer user including the keyboard keys they press.

Keyloggers are used in IT organizations to troubleshoot technical problems with computers and business networks. Keyloggers can also be used by a family (or business) to monitor the network usage of people without their direct knowledge. Finally, malicious individuals may use keyloggers on public computers to steal passwords or credit card information.

Some keylogger software is freely available on the Internet, while others are commercial or private applications. Most keyloggers allow not only keyboard keystrokes to be captured but also are often capable of collecting screen captures from the computer. Normal keylogging programs store their data on the local hard drive, but some are programmed to automatically transmit data over the network to a remote computer or Web server.

Keyloggers are sometimes part of malware packages downloaded onto computers without the owners’ knowledge. Detecting the presence of a keylogger on a computer can be difficult. So-called anti-keylogging programs have been developed to thwart keylogging systems, and these are often effective when used properly.

Top Best Free Keylogger Software to Monitor Keystrokes in Windows

5. Free Keylogger

It is able to log keystrokes, clipboard data and site addresses without the screen capture which is fine for people who don’t want to capture screenshots. There are a couple of invisibility settings such as the hidden mode hotkey (default Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U), removing shortcuts from start menu and uninstall list.


Ironically the most downloaded keylogging tool from CNET download.com barely made it to this top 10 list because the most important stealth feature which is starting the program in hidden mode is disabled in the free version. You can set it to automatically start the program with Windows but it will show a tray icon at notification area and anyone can access to it because there is no password protection feature. You can however manually hide it by clicking the “Apply & Spy” button to keep it running as invisible until the next reboot.

Download : http://download.cnet.com/Free-Keylogger/3000-2162_4-10419683.html

4. BlackBox Express

BlackBox Express is a free security monitoring software that can be used as a keylogger. The way BlackBox works is slightly different compared to the rest on this list because it can monitor 1 local PC and up to 200 remote computers on the network. It can log keystrokes, web searches, ran programs, visited websites, email client programs, webmails, instant messaging chat programs and capture screenshots. Other than that, you can exclude the user that you don’t want to monitor on the computer. Alert notification and the ability to generate report that can be printed, saved as a HTML or emailed.


BlackBox Express runs as a service and hidden by default that does not show up in the taskbar nor display an icon at notification area. However you can still find the process in task manager and the only way to launch the program is from the shortcut or alternatively running the executable file from the unhidden program folder. Password protection is supported. You need to register for a free account to download the installer.

3. Spyrix Free Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger is the free version of the paid Spyrix Personal Monitor. It is able to capture keystrokes, clipboard and take screenshots but advanced features such as social network & IM capture, visited webpages, log delivery and alerts are not available. When Spyrix is hidden, it can be launched with either a hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+A) or run command (runkey) and can be protected with a password.


Download:  http://www.spyrix.com/spyrix-free-keylogger.php

2. G³ iSam

iSam is the free keylogger that’s packed with features such as the ability to capture keystrokes and take screenshots, set a hotkey (default T+G+Enter) to run the program, password protection (default 1234), automatic emailing log files, keywords marking, displaying banner to alert the user, scheduler, blocking URLs and exclusion filtering system.


Download: http://www.ggg-3.com/

1. Actual Keylogger

Actual Keylogger used to be totally free but the current version has turned into a shareware with the program renamed to Actual Spy. Although the last freeware version 2.4 was released back in 2006, it worked perfectly when we tested it on our Windows 7 32-bit operating system. It can only capture keystrokes and allows you to access the program in two methods which is hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F7) and run command (akstart).


Download: http://download.cnet.com/Actual-Keylogger/3000-2092_4-10414894.html


there are many other keyloggers that u can use make search for it..!

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